Voucher System

F&S recently enhanced its voucher system to give customers additional information about their charges. You may access the new voucher system in the my.FS Portal at

 After you log in, click on ‘Voucher’ on the left side tab near the bottom. The voucher screen allows you to search for financial data by the following criteria.

  • Banner Document Reference Number
  • Fiscal Year
  • Account
  • Building
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Work Order
  • Reservation/Lease Number
  • Vehicle Asset

Note: The Banner Document Reference # is NOT the same as the Banner Document # which begins with ‘AM’.

We apologize for access issues that occurred during this transition period. Please send questions and feedback to Your input is appreciated and will be used to improve the system in the future.

Exporting Information

Below are instructions for how to query charges and export them into a spreadsheet. Searching by a broad category like the 3-digit ORG code of your department and doing one export is faster than searching for single 6-digit ORG codes and repeating the process.    

Click on a blue item to get additional details regarding a specific charge. The process creates a new ‘BIRT’ report which you can print out or close when completed.

For one month:

  1. Choose the Fiscal Year and Month
  2. Fill in the 6-digit ORG code (798000), or use the 3-digit ORG code and a percentage symbol as the wildcard, e.g. 798%
  3. Select “Detail Monthly Statement”
  4. Click the “AdvancedSearch” button

For a fiscal year: (Sort and filter the Month-Year in Excel):

  1. Fill in the 6 digit ORG code (798000), or use the 3-digit ORG code and a percentage symbol as the wildcard, e.g. 798%
  2. Select “Monthly Summary for Fiscal Year”
  3. Click the “Advanced Search” button

This generates a “BIRT” report.  The information included in the “BIRT” report and additional data may be exported into an Excel spreadsheet as instructed below.

Export the data from this screen:

  1. Choose the “Export Data” icon  
  2. Select the columns you want exported by pressing the right arrow, >, OR select all the columns with the double right arrow, >>.
  3. Click the “OK” button

4. To open the resulting spreadsheet, select “OK” to Open with Microsoft Excel.

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