Voucher System

F&S Customers,

F&S recently enhanced its voucher system to give customers additional information about their charges. You may access the new voucher system in the my.FS Portal at http://my.fs.illinois.edu.

 After you log in, click on ‘Voucher’ on the left side tab near the bottom. The voucher screen allows you to search for financial data by the following criteria.

  • Banner Document Reference Number
  • Fiscal Year
  • Account
  • Building
  • Customer Reference Number
  • Work Order
  • Reservation/Lease Number
  • Vehicle Asset


Note: The Banner Document Reference # is NOT the same as the Banner Document # which begins with ‘AM’.

We apologize for access issues that occurred during this transition period. Please send questions and feedback to fandssupportdesk@illinois.edu. Your input is appreciated and will be used to improve the system in the future.

Exporting Information

Below are instructions for how to query charges and export them into a spreadsheet. Searching by a broad category like the 3-digit ORG code of your department and doing one export is faster than searching for single 6-digit ORG codes and repeating the process.    

Click on a blue item to get additional details regarding a specific charge. The process creates a new ‘BIRT’ report which you can print out or close when completed.

For one month:

  1. Choose the Fiscal Year and Month
  2. Fill in the 6-digit ORG code (798000), or use the 3-digit ORG code and a percentage symbol as the wildcard, e.g. 798%
  3. Select “Detail Monthly Statement”
  4. Click the “AdvancedSearch” button
For a fiscal year: (Sort and filter the Month-Year in Excel):

  1. Fill in the 6 digit ORG code (798000), or use the 3-digit ORG code and a percentage symbol as the wildcard, e.g. 798%
  2. Select “Monthly Summary for Fiscal Year”
  3. Click the “Advanced Search” button

This generates a “BIRT” report.  The information included in the “BIRT” report and additional data may be exported into an Excel spreadsheet as instructed below.

Export the data from this screen:

  1. Choose the “Export Data” icon  
  2. Select the columns you want exported by pressing the right arrow, >, OR select all the columns with the double right arrow, >>.
  3. Click the “OK” button

  4. To open the resulting spreadsheet, select “OK” to Open with Microsoft Excel.