Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety

Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety manages the university’s fire and life safety programs; they provide plan review services for campus construction projects to ensure accessibility compliance and safety guidelines are met.

Fire engine arriving on-site

Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety (CCC&FS) participates in the plan review process of a project to assist with scoping and code compliance for building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire and safety codes, and ADA/Illinois accessibility code.

CCC&FS manages the university’s fire and life safety programs and acts as a liaison between the campus and the Champaign and Urbana fire departments regarding any campus construction or development activity.

CCC&FS participates in acceptance testing for new fire protection systems, coordinates the annual inspection and testing of existing fire alarm, fire pump and fire suppression systems, and shares system design information with the fire departments. The associate director is designated as the campus authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for the application of the university’s life safety, fire, and construction codes. This person also works with the Office of Campus Emergency Planning to assist campus units in preparation of tornado and all hazard emergency plans and identifying areas of refuge.

CCC&FS works with the Urbana and Champaign fire departments to coordinate fire safety inspections of housing units and other select campus buildings. CCC&FS additionally reviews and approves the use of tents for special events.

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