Campus Maps and Building Information

Campus Maps

This map covers University Avenue to Hazelwood Drive, and has dual look-up capability (using the included lists organized by both building name and number) tied to an integrated coordinate system for locating buildings.

Campus Map

This map shows the Campus Map, from University Avenue to south of Old Church Road, as well as a building list organized by number. (It does not contain a coordinate system for locating buildings.)
Maps can be printed through campus Printing Services, or any service offering large-scale printing


Interactive Building Maps (Facility Access Maps)

Interactive Campus Map

Parking Map

Current Master Plans

Building Information

University of Illinois Campus Administrative Manual (CAM) Policy: Distribution of Building Plan Documents and Architectural Drawings

  • Building Numbering
    All campus buildings are issued a 4-digit building number by Facilities Information Resources. These 4-digit building numbers are the primary source of reference for all campus infrastructure and facility-related information. 
  • Room Numbering
    4-digit room numbers are also assigned by Facilities Information Resources, and serve as the primary source of reference for all infrastructure and facility-related information within the building. 
  • Building Room Use and Occupant Reports
    Building and room data, such as room number, square footage, use and occupants, is available in a tabular format, customizable to your specific requirements.
  • Benchmarking and Peer Studies Reporting
  • Custom Color-coded Building Floor Plans 

Mapping Services

Facilities Information Resources offers custom Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping to handle specific project needs while leveraging an extensive data collection:

•  Campus-wide
•  Historic Preservation
•  Topography
•  Aerial Photography
•  Building by Energy Use
•  Buildings by Use
•  Site Plans
•  Event Planning
•  Parking Layout

GPS Data Collection Services

Facilities Information Resources offers data collection services utilizing a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) to collect data with a 2.5-centimeter accuracy. Listed below are some of the services we provide, please contact us for more detailed information:

•  Site Topography
•  Site Feature Collection
•  Site Layout Staking

Related Providers

Facilities Information Resources (FIR)

Facilities Information Resources (FIR) maintains several large collections containing drawings, maps, data, and other documents related to the university's infrastructure. In offering ready-to-use products, they assist customers in developing custom products and services to meet their needs.

Hand on top of official construction documents at Facilities Information Resources (FIR)