Aerial image of Solar Farm 2.0. The solar farm produces approximately 20,000 megawatt-hours per year (MWh/year)—tripling the university’s existing on-site renewable energy generation. Solar Farm 2.0 helped the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign make the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s top-30 list of the largest on-site green power users in the Green Power Partnership. The university is the third-largest user of renewable power produced on campus for all higher education institutions in the country.

F&S offers tours to the campus community of Solar Farm 2.0, Waste Transfer Station, and Abbott Power Plant. For more information about these year-round opportunities, or to register use the tour links.

Solar Farm

Waste Transfer Station

Abbott Power Plant

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Utilities & Energy Services

Utilities & Energy Services (UES) is continuously upgrading to provide safe, reliable, environmentally compliant, cost-effective energy and other utilities to support campus.

Tour group at Abbott Power Plant

Waste Transfer Station

The Waste Transfer Station is at the center of campus waste management and recycling activities. The station supports the overall campus goal to reduce the amount of material entering the waste stream.

Waste Transfer Station

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