Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certifications

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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign currently features 32 LEED® certified projects, with several more projects in the active certification process. The State of Illinois is a national leader in sustainable building design, requiring a minimum of LEED® Silver certification for all major renovations and new construction projects over 10,000 square feet.

Since initiating the first LEED® certified campus building in 2009, F&S Capital Programs and Engineering Services staff have collaborated with campus units to certify over 14 percent of building space.

ProjectVersionPointsPossibleCertificationDate Certified
Business Instructional Facilityv2.15269Platinum12/2/2009
Ikenberry Dining Hallv2.23469Silver8/17/2011
National Petascale Computing Facilityv2.24069Gold11/4/2011
Nugent Hall*v2.23469Silver12/20/2011
Evers Laboratoryv2.23669Silver8/1/2012
NCEL Yeh Student Center Additionv2.23769Silver8/7/2012
Illinois Fire Service Institutev2.23569Silver8/8/2012
Huff Hall North Additionv2.23569Silver2/1/2013
Lincoln Hallv2.25269Platinum11/1/2013
Bousfield Residence Hallv200981110Platinum8/17/2014
Wassaja Residence Hallv200967110Gold2/18/2017
State Farm Centerv200970110Gold6/29/2018
Surveying Building Renovationv200963110Gold10/19/2018
Chemistry Annexv200961110Gold10/30/2018
Natural History Buildingv200961110Gold1/29/2019
Chez Veterans Centerv200960110Gold1/29/2019
CERL Main Building Additionv200954110Silver2/13/2019
Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratoryv2.23669Silver4/11/2019
Everitt Laboratory Renovationv200964110Gold8/29/2019
Electrical and Computer Engineering Buildingv200981110Platinum11/4/2019
Illinois Conference Centerv453110Silver4/19/2021
Siebel Center for Designv200968110Gold9/1/2021
Henry Dale and Betty Smith Football Performance Centerv200955110Silver9/17/2021
Illinois Street Dining Centerv200951110Silver4/18/2022
Wardall Hallv455110Silver5/13/2022
Townsend Hallv450110Silver6/14/2022
Mechanical Engineering Buildingv200961110Gold1/30/2023
Campus Instructional Facilityv481110Platinum6/30/2023
Civil and Environmental Engineering Building (Hydrosystems Laboratory)v200961110Gold7/3/2023
Talbot Laboratory Addition v200950110Silver7/10/23
Ubben Basketball Complex Expansionv454110Silver9/11/2023
Demirjian Parkv450110Silver11/14/2023

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.
*Nugent Phase A (Silver) and Ikenberry Residence Hall C&D (Gold) are one building

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Kelly Jo Hoffmann, Associate Director of Engineering & Construction Services, Engineering Services

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