Engineering Services

Engineering Services comprises four areas: Design Services, Design Review, Commissioning & Inspection, and Division of Responsibility. Together, they provide technical expertise for small and capital construction projects.

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Design Services

This full-service in-house architectural and engineering group provides design documents for small construction projects across campus. The team is committed to developing compliant, cost-effective, and timely solutions. Design Services works with customers to determine how to meet all parameters and deliver a successful project.

Quality Assurance

Design Review
These professionals review design documents and submittals for large-scale capital construction projects to ensure project requirements are achieved. These efforts mitigate costly change orders and address potential long-term performance issues before construction.

Commissioning & Inspection
This group ensures projects are constructed per code requirements and project documents. Inspectors cite nonconforming construction work for compliance, and issues are corrected. Staff also commissions equipment during startup to address nonfunctioning items before buildings are occupied. The combined results of the Quality Assurance team are more reliable facilities, significant cost avoidance, reduced energy use, and decreased maintenance costs.

Division of Responsibility (DoR)
The DoR coordinator documents facility assets and the responsible party for maintenance and replacement of the assets. Updated DoR building documents are available via request in the my.FS Portal.

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Construction Services

Construction Services manages construction, remodeling, and renovation projects typically under $250,000. Some projects with costs exceeding that amount are delivered through the department, but these projects require additional approvals.

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Capital Programs

Capital Programs directs the programming, design, and construction of capital projects with more than a $250,000 total project budget at the University of Illinois.

Capital Programs

Service Office

The Service Office processes service requests, outages, and utility locates for the campus. The Service Office receives more than 190 work requests per day and averages 10 outage requests and 15 locates per day.

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