Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

Occupancy Sensor Installation

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) was established in 2011 to help campus departments make needed utility conservation improvements without impacting their budgets. Projects that conserve steam, electricity, chilled water, or potable water and have a payback period of fewer than 10 years can be funded through the RLF. The initially calculated savings from the project are used to repay the funds.

F&S solicits RLF projects at least once a year. Past projects have included LED lighting retrofitting and occupancy sensors that can control lights and heating and cooling.

Selection Criteria

Project selection is based on the following weighted criteria:

  1. Payback Period 30%
    How fast will utility savings repay project costs?
  2. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 25%
    Does this project reduce greenhouse gas emissions on campus?
  3. Revolving Loan Fund Size Impact 20%
    Will this project increase the Revolving Loan Fund size through grants or additional allocations?
  4. Visibility 5%
    How visible/noticeable is the project to users of the facility, space, and/or campus community?
  5. Project Coordination 20%
    Can this project be executed with other planned or ongoing projects on campus?

How to Apply
Projects must be submitted through this RLF Application Form by the requesting campus department. Please download the form, fill in the necessary information, and email it to You may also email this address to request assistance from F&S staff in completing the form.

The RLF Committee will announce new dates for submissions through F&S communications and campus engagement.

Selection Committee
The selection committee is comprised of the Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Facilities & Services, Associate Provost for Capital Planning, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Student Sustainability Committee Chair, Illinois Student Senate President, and a representative of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment.

Project Tracking
Revolving Loan Fund projects are tracked using the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System. It tracks annual energy, financial, and carbon savings from energy efficiency and other resource conservation measures. See a dashboard at

Funding Sources

The RLF can grow through a direct allocation from the Office of the Chancellor, President’s Office, or Student Sustainability Committee, or through project grant funding from sources such as the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program or Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

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