Temporary Food Service

Social/Informal Event at the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center

Special events on campus may require risk reduction measures to enhance the safety of participants. Guidelines and reference materials are available to help campus units reduce or eliminate potential hazards which may cause injury, illness, or property loss.

Temporary Food Service

Temporary food service in UIUC buildings or other facilities is recorded by the Division of Safety and Compliance (S&C) so that a full and proper investigation can be performed in the event of a foodborne illness. S&C must be notified of the date, location, type of food, and means of handling and serving. The primary concern is perishable food that has potential to spoil, especially foods that should be served hot or cold. If you have events where only foods such as coffee, sodas, cookies and donuts are served, S&C does not need to be notified. Food handling advice is given to groups preparing and/or selling food for fundraisers and other social activities.

When you hire a caterer to provide food for your event, you must verify that the caterer is able to provide safe food. It is important that caterers be licensed and inspected by their local health department.

Groups requesting to provide food service in University space for their event need to complete the Food Service Request Form. Questions concerning food safety should be directed to the Division of Safety and Compliance, Occupational Safety & Health at (217) 265-9828 or

Should your event require or request a food sanitation inspection or training, associated fees will be the responsibility of the host group.

Please review the Temporary Food Service Guidelines before hosting your event.

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